How to Hire a Good Roofer

What to look for when hiring a roofer.

We have earned our reputation as a trusted roofing contractor in Fort Walton, Florida. Unfortunately, some of our friends and family live outside of our northwestern Florida service area. When they ask us how to hire a good roofer in their area, this is the advice we give them: how to hire a good roofer

Hiring a Roofer Checklist:

Get recommendations from friends and family.

Your family is about to make a substantial investment in your home. A high-quality roof can last 20-50 years when installed correctly – depending on the materials used and your local weather conditions. Chances are, you know someone in your community that recently had a roof repaired or installed. Even if it’s been a while since they had the work completed, they can still provide a solid reference. Remember, roofs are a long-term investment. The longer someone has had theirs installed, the more history they’ll have to share with you. If they’re still happy years after installation, you can feel confident that their recommended installer does solid work. Local Roofer Reviews on Yelp

Review local roofing contractor reviews on Yelp.

Yelp is great for more than just finding good food in an unfamiliar area. What we like about Yelp is that it’s free for local roofing contractors to list their business and invite their customers to leave reviews. 

Some of the other handyman platforms out there (we won’t name names) require companies to pay for a listing. You can bet that those monthly and annual fees will be reflected in your roofing estimate. 

The other problem is that less reputable roofing companies, in some cases, can pay to have their reviews altered or removed. Yelp, in our experience, does not allow this.

Feel free to checkout our roofer listing on Yelp for an example of what a stellar roofing company will include in their listing.

Schedule a free roofing estimate with multiple local roofing contractors.

One roofing estimate is okay. Two roofing estimates is better. Three or more roofing estimates is a great place to start.

We recommend getting multiple estimates for a few reasons:

  1. Each time you meet with a local roofing contractor, you’re going to learn something about your roof. 
  2. The collection of estimates will provide you with a good range for how much your roofing repairs or new roof installation will cost. This makes it easy to spot an estimate that is way off the mark.

These points apply to both residential roofing and commercial roofing projects. It’s important to meet with a roofing professional in-person. Your first impressions will serve you well in your final decision to hire a good roofer to protect your property.

Looking for a good roofer in northwest Florida?

We hope that this post helped you understand the fundamentals of how to hire a good roofer in your community. If you live in our community, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to come out and provide you with a free roof inspection and estimate.

Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing has served home owners, property managers and commercial structure owners in northwest Florida for more than a decade. We’d be happy to come out and look at your roof, free of charge. We’ll discuss the latest advancements in roofing technology and provide you with an estimate to repair or replace your structure’s roof – protecting it for decades to come.

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Mindy Jollie
4 years ago

I like what you said about reviewing local roofer reviews on Yelp. I imagine Google and other platforms can also be pretty useful for that. My parents really need to get their roof repaired so I’ll have to remind them where to look!


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