What is a Roof Shingle Warranty?

Every residential and commercial structure with shingles has a roof shingle warranty. The terms and duration of the warranty depend on the manufacturer and how your roof was installed.

For example, did you know that hiring an expert roofer in Fort Walton Beach, Florida can automatically extend the warranty period for your roof? Roof shingle manufacturers want to know that their products were installed correctly before offering an extended warranty. 

Roof shingle warranties can be complicated. So let’s dive-in and breakdown everything you need to know.

Roof Shingle Warranty in Florida

Why Your Roof Shingles Warranty is Important

Homeowners can expect to spend upwards of $9,000 installing a new residential roof on their home. That’s why it is so important to carefully vet the roofing contractors near you. Once you’ve selected a local roofing contractor you trust, it’s time to discuss the different manufacturer’s warranties offered by the shingle manufacturers they recommend for your new roof.

If your roof is damaged or begins to leak, do you want to be stuck paying for the repairs out-of-pocket? If it’s only been a few years since your roof was installed, you may be able to submit a warranty claim with the manufacturer of your shingles – something your roofing expert will be able to help you with.

Just remember, the local roofing contractor you hire may be your point of contact for future claims. You want to find one that will still be around to take your call and handle your concerns. Sometimes going with the cheapest bid means that you’re hiring a company that won’t be around in a few months. Always get a few bids and ask for references on any roofing project to give yourself the best chance of finding a company that will stand behind their work for the total life of your roof.

What is the warranty on roof shingles?

Every manufacturer offers a slightly different warranty. The percentage of coverage and length of coverage is impacted by how the roof was installed. If you hired a factory-certified roofing contractor to install and repair your roof, you will usually receive a better warranty from the manufacturer.

Standard Shingle Roof Warranty

Generally speaking, most roof shingle manufacturers in Florida provide a “limited lifetime warranty”. This covers the shingle for defects in manufacturing or materials for 50 years from the date of installation, as long as it is installed to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. The shingle manufacturer’s warranty will generally cover roof damage as long as the winds do not exceed 80mph (can be increased to 130 mph based on quality of installation). 

Roof Shingle Warranty Terms

To understand the specifics of your roof’s warranty, you need to speak with a local roofing expert. The Florida roofing experts at Aduddell Residential and Commercial Roofing have worked with top-rated shingle manufacturers for more than 30 years. The manufacturers are willing to offer our clients enhanced warranties because they know we take the time to install and repair roofs the right way – it might take a little extra effort on our part, but it means your home is better protected. And, of course, we’ll be here if you need us in the future.

Roof Shingles 25 Year Warranty

If you visit Lowes or Home Depot and pick-up a pallet of three-tab shingles for your roof, they’ll have a “wrapper warranty” on the outside of the packaging. The manufacturer knows that a homeowner or property owner may install these themselves. Therefore, they are willing to offer a very basic warranty that will cover the shingle if it fails in normal weather conditions (up to 60mph winds). But remember, these “wrapper warranties” do not cover labor. If you hire a roofing expert to fix your leaking roof in a few years, you’re going to have to cover their labor charges.

GAF Timberline Shingles

30 Year Warranty Roof Shingles

Some homeowners and business owners choose to install higher-quality dimensional roof tiles (also called “architectural style” or “three-dimensional roof tiles). Our certified manufacturing partner, GAF, introduced these high-grade shingles in the 70s. So, some in the industry still refer to them by their GAF brand name: Timberline shingles. Just like when you order a Coke and the waitress brings you a Pepsi product without asking if you’d mind.

Many architectural style roof shingle manufacturers provide a tiered-coverage warranty. This means that during an initial period the roof shingle manufacturer will assume liability for a shingle that fails. After this period they may offer reduced coverage.

Again, it’s important to get the specific warranty terms for your roof from a roofing expert with a track-record of standing behind their work. For example, most roofing shingle manufacturers will warrant their roofing material for winds up to 80mph. However, they will offer to increase this warranty to cover winds up to 130mph if you have your roof installed by a highly-qualified local roofer.

50 Year Warranty Roof Shingles

When a shingle manufacturer uses the term “lifetime warranty” in the state of Florida, this generally means that you are covered for 50 years from the date of installation. 

Lifetime Warranty Roof Shingles

Our Florida roofing experts recommend using roofing materials that come with a lifetime warranty from the shingle manufacturer. Why? The state of Florida has mandated that a manufacturer using the term “lifetime warranty” must fulfill specific duties and obligations. These can extend beyond the normal shingle warranty terms associated with 5, 10 or 15 year warranties advertised online.

Aduddell Florida Shingle Warranty

Think twice before installing or repairing your own roof. It might be cheaper today, but if things go wrong in the future it can get very expensive. Our satisfied roofing customers in and around Fort Walton Beach, Florida can sleep better at night knowing that if anything goes wrong, we’re just a phone call away. Our relationship with top-rated roof shingle manufacturers means that they benefit from the best roof warranties available, and they even gain access to exclusive extended warranties because the manufacturers trust us to install their product correctly.

Need help with a residential or commercial roof in northwest Florida? Give us a call or send us a message. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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